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The Very Good Week

Going to the bamboo forest was really good, we got a lot a lot of bamboo. We got green bamboo today. I went to the park and painted today with Nancy and yesterday I want to the farm with Melissa (who is Evan’s mom) we saw horses and had lunch. It was fun to see all the beef they made.

On Tuesday I went to the Discovery place and especially liked making a wallet.

My favorite thing this week was the discovery place because I had the funnest time.


The good but not so good either

Good: Getting to see Dean a little more today and playing  music with him. The hike. Painting in the park. Selling onions.

Not so Good: The hike was good but just long. That’s the part I don’t like.

The Good Week.

I made a tiny fort, I’m going to keep it for the next week. And I’m going to invite Andrew in it. I colored and I did Interrupting Vanessa. I watched Alice in Wonderland and I’m doing my blog post.

The really good week

Today I’m excited that I held daisy for the first time. I liked seeing the chickens. I liked the day before today because it was a really fun day. I planted seeds. I haven’t checked on them today maybe the seeds are sprouting right now. Minecraft homeschool was good but I had to check a million places to find a home.